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Tips for marketing your sports facility.

Skydivers Landing in a Swimming Pool? Now That’s Great Swim Club Marketing

Talk about a great way to draw attention to your sports club — or in this case, swim club: Look what eSoft Planner client Chartwell Swim Club in South Jersey did this summer. They had skydivers land in their pool! They cleared the idea with their local police chief and government agencies, and even got approval from the FAA. […]

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You’re Probably Making one of These 4 Email Marketing Mistakes

Each email you send to your clients is a chance to make a sale. Unfortunately, each email you send is also a chance to get kicked out of your prospects’ inboxes forever (which is why I only send the best content to my own email subscribers). I get a lot of marketing emails from sports facilities. […]

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Low Enrollment for Your Camps and Classes? Fix Your Sales Process

It’s not difficult to convince sports facility owners and managers that group programming - camps, classes, clinics, and even leagues and tournaments – is the best and most profitable option for their space. It is difficult, however, to get sports facility owners and managers to make the real effort that is required to fill those programs with athletes. Ideas are great, […]

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3 Steps to Pitching Sports Facility Partnerships

Partnerships with other sports facilities and businesses can give you access to unique benefits that you can’t offer on your own. Those benefits can give you a serious edge over your competitors and create valuable cross-promotion opportunities – but only if you approach your partners wisely. Here are just a few reasons you may have considered […]

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Sports Facility Marketing Tip: Track and Promote Records

We all wish we had more time to spend on efforts for marketing our sports facilities. But even if you’ve fallen behind on your annual marketing plan, there’s one tactic you can implement this week if you haven’t done so already: establishing facility-wide records. Even if you’ve just opened your doors, you can start the tradition of memorializing the […]

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The One Sport You Probably Forgot to Offer Strength Training

You already know that reaching out to local sports teams is essential to your sports facility’s success. You probably have relationships with plenty of school-based sports teams and coaches, and you may even attend local meets and games to check up on their progress. However, if you’re like most of the sports facilities I’ve worked with, you’ve […]

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